Got some questions? - hopefully this will paint a clearer picture of our services and what to expect from our sweet little bar!

When I hire your caravan what should i expect to be included?

We will need to arrive minimum 1 hour prior to our service commencement time.

When we arrive we will have with us the following; 

> Bar Staff 

> All Glassware (White, Red, Champagne, Tumblers and Cocktail Glasses)

> ICE 

> Drink trough for easy access cold beverages

> 2x Drink Dispensers of water

> Basic Garnishes for standard drinks packages

> Some cocktail garnishes. 

Where are you based and what are the travel costs?

We are based in Wollongong, but we are more than happy to travel! 

There is a 50km free travel Radius from Wollongong. 

for any additional km it is $2 per km **This is worked out via google maps.  

do you sell alcohol?

We cannot offer the sale of alcohol. 

We serve your guests the drinks that you provide.

If you need assistance with quantities or suppliers just have a chat with us. 

Whats the deal when it comes to drinks?

The advantage of having us serve the alcohol is that you are able to set your budget! 

The alcohol and mixers will need to be supplied by you/your event planner and will need to be chilled before our arrival.

So-long as the alcohol is bottled then we can serve it!

Therefore any bottled beer, wine, cider, champagne or spirits are fine by us!

i have cocktails on my mind but where do I start?

If you have chosen or are thinking of choosing a package with the choice of 3 cocktails you can speak with us about what cocktails you would like us to create and serve to your guests. 

If you have no idea where to begin, just speak with us! We can find out what you like and help you out with the decision making.

Do you offer table service?

Having people up to the bar is so special and shows off our cool skills! 

However as we like to make every event special in its own unique kind of way, we can offer table service. To allow us to do this we would require a few more staff depending on the size of your event. Have a chat to us about pricing etc.

Do you serve Tea and Coffee?

We absolutely can! 

Please have a look at our Tea and Coffee Packages starting from $150

Do you have public liability insurance?


Do you require power?

YAAS!! We will definitely need power! We have a lengthy extension lead that can plug into any socket! 

No Power? No problem! Where you have chosen to hold an event in a powerless location we are able to run off a generator this is at an additional cost. 

How do i secure my date with you?

Firstly - give us a call! 

Once you have the date confirmed you will need to pay 50% deposit at the time of the booking. 

What happens if i cancel?

Well... unfortunately there are cancellation fees. 

The 50% deposit is non-refundable. 

Anything else I should know?

So that you and your guests get the best 4D experience possible while consuming a drink served by us, All beverages MUST be chilled prior to our arrival. 

If your event is NOT at a private residence, you are responsible to obtain all the appropriate permits and approvals 

If you have any more questions please get in touch with us. 

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